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David W. Martel

David W. Martel is the Vice President for Communications and Chief Marketing Officer of the University of Virginia. Appointed in 2013, he is responsible for the leadership of University Communications, which stewards institutional marketing, brand narration, visual identity, university news and media outreach, social media, multimedia, and public relations.

Martel is a member of the president’s cabinet and executive administrator for University communications among UVA’s diverse audiences. As the chief communicator on Grounds, he leads broad efforts to: further strengthen, advance and defend the reputation of Thomas Jefferson’s iconic public university; promote the value of higher education in America; and raise awareness of the societal impact of university teaching, research, and service.

During his time at UVA, Martel has led a reorganization of the University Communications department, including spearheading a multi-year strategic plan, and has established best-in-class marketing, news and public relations teams. Martel serves as an executive mentor in the Center for Leadership Excellence, has been a featured presenter in the UVA Distinguished Faculty Speaker Series, and serves on the Miller Center Governing Council and the School of Architecture Foundation Board.

Martel previously served on the senior management teams for the University of Connecticut and the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. His extensive work analyzing the mind and mood of the American public on cultural, economic, and political issues laid the foundation for a reliance on research assessment to measure the overall success of the department he leads today. David is married to Kristen Martel, and they have five children.