Employment Opportunities

Senior Designer

The Senior Designer will help promote and articulate the culture and thought leadership of the nation's #2 public University. The Senior Designer will be responsible for designing content for digital, multimedia and print applications for marketing purposes across a range of platforms. These may include design for and in web environments, print and digital advertising, collateral, and some multimedia. Working as part of an internal creative team under direction of the Creative Director, and within a body of work and creative community that will include partnership with a top-shelf branding agency of record. The successful candidate will have demonstrated design expertise in both web/digital and print design, with a particular focus on design solutions that facilitate storytelling and bring content to life in digital environments.

Senior Marketing Writer

The Senior Marketing Writer manages the writing and editing of print and online materials for marketing, public relations and other materials across a range of subjects and platforms. These may include collateral, organizational communications, communications planning, storyboarding for online and multimedia pieces, periodicals and online journals, oversight of content written by vendors and freelance writers. The Senior Marketing Writer also oversees editorial and production process, style and standards for University Communications and acts as arbiter of the work of all written materials developed by or for the department. The Senior Marketing Writer has primary responsibility for ensuring cohesion and consistency of brand messaging, as developed both through research and through agency brand positioning and core concepts.

Web Content Specialist

The Web Content Specialist will act as member of a growing web marketing and communications team for University Communications. This individual will have primary responsibility for developing content and content strategy for the University of Virginia. He or she will be primarily responsible for writing and curating compelling, web-appropriate content that promotes the value of the University to key audiences, and for leveraging content management systems and approaches so that content is maximized across multiple sites and authors. This position reports to the Creative Director under the Deputy Chief of Marketing.