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For University Employees

Typically, FOIA requests are directed to the Office of the University Counsel; however, requests may be sent directly to a faculty or staff member at the University. Requests received by faculty or staff are subject to the same rights, responsibilities and time limits under FOIA.

If a faculty or staff member receives a FOIA request, please do the following:

  • Make note of the date the request was received. This is important, because in order to be in compliance with the FOIA statute, the University must respond to a FOIA request within five working days.
  • Make note of the type of records requested. If you receive a verbal request, be sure to document the name of the person requesting records, their contact information and what type of records are being sought.
  • Immediately forward the request to the Office of the University Counsel. Please forward the request to Jennifer Mackrous, FOIA Officer and E-Discovery Manager in the Office of the University Counsel at
  • Cooperate with the records review process. Once a FOIA request has been received, it is mandatory, not discretionary, to release requested records, not subject to a FOIA exemption, for the University to be in compliance.