Graphical depiction of digital assets

If you can read this, thank our Digital team.

The Digital team is responsible for the University’s core digital communications channels and platforms. Working closely with Marketing & Brand Strategy, University News & Content and Licensing, the Digital team conceptualizes, plans, develops, and executes a wide range of digital campaigns, strategies, and web content. Our team comprises three groups: Digital Content, Digital Marketing and Development & User Experience.

Together, we cover a lot of ground, providing reporting, planning, and execution of digital marketing, UVA Today stories and associated e-newsletters and management of UVA’s social media channels. Our social content is informative and community-building, from announcing scientific breakthroughs that move society forward to CavMan busting a meme-worthy move on the Lawn. We’re always thinking of new ways to engage with our UVA audience.

We oversee all aspects of the University’s official website,, UVA Today, the University’s brand guidelines portal, this University Communications site you’re experiencing right now and many other high-visibility UVA websites.

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