Marketing & Brand Strategy
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As one of America’s most iconic universities, the University of Virginia occupies a unique place in the history of our nation and the Commonwealth. The Marketing & Brand Strategy team is responsible for the stewardship of the University’s brand by supporting initiatives, principles and programs that express our values, and by creating and maintaining a dynamic and useful brand system.

This includes conducting market research, raising visibility and engagement for signature products including UVA Today, supporting UVA’s program for licensed merchandise, planning and executing national institutional advertising campaigns and leading initiatives that align with the University’s goals, such as UVA’s participation in the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign for charitable giving to community organizations.

Above all, our Marketing & Brand Strategy team is tasked with guiding a legacy brand forward with wisdom and verve. Our team’s purview includes overall visual and creative expression, identity systems, the brand user community, brand asset management and the application of the brand in the physical environment.

By collaborating and supporting the University’s senior leadership, Athletics, schools and key operational units, we’re working toward our shared vision for a Great and Good University.