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The greatest brand ambassador can be a mug holding your coffee or a hat sitting on your head. Wherever a logo lives, so does the UVA brand. Welcome to the colorful world of licensing, an expertise that raises brand awareness in our communities and strengthens connections with alumni – when executed with insight, creativity and precision.

Working with Virginia Athletics, the Collegiate Licensing Company and other merchandising entities, the UVA Licensing team develops partnerships with best-in-class licensees – individuals, companies and organizations – to deliver innovative, attractive product programs to consumers.

Our team leads the overall strategy, management and daily operations of the licensing program; promoting and protecting the marks, names and logos of the University of Virginia while ensuring that all licensed products are consistent with the University’s values and standards. We work with internal communications partners including the creative, marketing and digital teams, to help promote licensed products and collections. We get particularly excited to chart new territory, such as branding our own lines of apparel or partnering with a cidery to name and design a new beverage line.

The brand awareness and emotional connection with UVA students and alumni provide ample business opportunities for licensees and retailers. We apply our experience to optimize the fun and the results.