Guy deadlifting while wearing Darkmode gear

Cavalier Dark Mode

Cavalier Dark Mode was made to fit an attitude.

Like the popular Vintage Collection, Cavalier Dark Mode was concepted, designed and developed by University Communications. We supported the new collection with advertising, social media and display design. In partnership with Virginia Athletics, we gained visibility through coaches and players wearing Cavalier Dark Mode during high-profile sporting events at courtside, poolside and on the sidelines.

Then we received a product endorsement from the University of Virginia’s most famous dropout.

A special Cavalier Dark Mode edition with the traditional V-Sabre on black “dropped” on the birthday of UVA’s original dark mode, Edgar Allan Poe. The event was celebrated on social media with a Poe-inspired riddle contest: Solve a dread mystery to win free Cavalier Dark Mode merchandise. It was a hit with UVA students and alumni. Even the Poe Museum in Richmond gave it props, calling the promotion in rhyme “worthy of his 214th birthday.”

Nike swoosh on dark mode
Three Posters of Student wearing Dark Mode clothing
t shirt dark mode
Dark mode Nike backback with an all white v-sabre
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