Great and Good: Campaign

The Great and Good campaign communicates UVA’s vision and values and demonstrates progress toward what we aspire to become: the leading public university, and one of the very best in the world, by 2030.

We believe a university cannot be truly great unless it is also good. What does it mean to be great and good? It means to be excellent for a purpose. It requires all of us at UVA to ask the right questions and provide real-world answers that better ourselves and improve lives everywhere. Being great and good in all we do realizes the true value of a university and aligns with UVA’s original, animating purpose – to serve.

The Great and Good campaign highlights UVA’s areas of strength such as research, the opportunities for students, faculty, staff and researchers to put their potential in practice, and pure academic excellence. It becomes an evolving portrait of an uncommon community that does what it does best to serve the common good.

The campaign is both institutional and individual. It addresses multiple audiences while remaining singular in look and tone. It’s lofty yet firmly rooted on Grounds.

Ultimately, it works because it’s uniquely us.

A collage of new Great and Good ads
A bus shelter Great and Good Ad
A Great and Good campaign ad on a magazine